who's translee?


Government name Translee, rap name Translee. Who is Translee? What is a Translee and where does it come from, are usually the questions surrounding the Huntsville AL raised, Atlanta based MC when being introduced to the unfamiliar.  From the stellar last project Culture Junky, a particular set of witty words, and delivery that will finesse any verse line or hook on a track, the masses are definitely starting to notice that it may be something different that is being birthed in the south that may be riding against the norm- of the road MOST traveled. Simply conversational raps as he calls it, real music, real people, real problems, real times and real facts. His name is Translee. He is signed to independent label DNC (Digital Nativ3 Culture).

As a southern hip hop artist Translee aims to change the perception of southern hip hop and now hip hop in general, everything is so club-driven these days which dominates the air waves and the earphones of a new generation. “Every day aint the same, sometimes you want to talk about God, sometimes you want to talk about drugs, sometimes you want to talk about love”. From radio single with Raheem devaugn ‘does anybody love anymore’ which swept across the nation on radio and made the charts, from having videos on MTV and Revolt tv nationally, to collabs with major artist such as kcamp, bj the Chicago kid, syari da kid, cyhi the prynce and many more.  Translee proves to audiences everywhere around the world that he embodies and is the new change he wants to see in Hip Hop and his upcoming release #MAOTP will be the engine that drives him to that upper echelon elite group of MC’s in which he is always being compared to.

Preparing to release his highly anticipated new project titled #MAOTP, Translee has teamed up with none other than DNC’s own Todd Marshall and Chris Hunter, Vincent ‘Halftyme Slim’ Jenkins and Brandon ‘turtle on the track’ Williams to help direct the vibes and sounds on the album. This album displays a social message, a personal message and an informative message. New sounds, new instruments, new vibes make up an ode to his southern roots and past influencers such as goodie mob, outkast, and pimp c. Translee opens up about his personal walks in life and situations that real people can relate to. The life of a college graduate living in an oversaturated market pursuing a rap career with thousands of fans waiting on the next project, no real ‘job’ as the world sees it, lacking a steady income, bouncing around from house to couch. Where is my next source of income coming from, will my music make it to the masses? What if this fails? Will I be married one day will I find that special someone? How do I focus on making great music but these bills keep piling up? I want to make my family proud. Last to mention I am a CONTENT BASED REALITY RAPPER, but I live in a place called Atlanta-where reality and content tends to be stretched a bit. Translee unleashes a project with all these questions that invade his thoughts on a daily basis and has formed pure art, pure genius with #MAOTP, scheduled to be released September 2016.